We are a collective of unbelievable artists; a community rich with beautiful souls and minds, with infinite capacity to bring light and healing into our city and the world. Global Village wants to showcase these artists and the creative work that makes our culture unique. In featuring art monthly, independent artists are given the space to promote themselves and their work while contributing to a connected community of artists that comprise our creative culture. All are welcome. We all have something to offer. Each month we will cycle the creative work of Philadelphia's independent artists. We all add to the energy of our creative community. It's time for us to capture and share that energy, to make it tangible.

All we ask is that you send us your work. Send us your passions, your projects, your writing, your music, your films, your photos, your sculptures, your art, your ideas, your stories. Find your space as an individual in our artistic culture while contributing to a greater movement towards universal love.