What We Do

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Philadelphia hosts an immense wealth of diverse talent, a community of creative minds birthed from the blending of culture and style. Global Village aims to provide that community a sanctuary, a mecca for creatives to connect and grow, a space for artists to share beautiful energy and heal as a collective. Innovative minds working in harmony makes for important progress, both for the individual and the whole.  

Vital to nourishing and connecting our creative community is providing opportunities for that community to flourish together. With various events and collaborations around the city, creative stimulation is always accessible. Our events section will point you in a direction to find your space in our creative community.

Perhaps most indicative of Philadelphia's dynamic artistic community and culture is the Village Jam. The Jam is an interactive, free form creativity and networking event, during which artists of any medium come together to produce art and energy. All of the music is spontaneous, rooted in raw emotion. Energy moves quickly, enabling harmonious presence in mind, body, and soul. This is an event for healing and growth. This is a spiritual and artistic movement. 

The Village is a collective of unbelievable artists; a community rich with beautiful people, with infinite capacity to bring light and healing into our city and the world. Global Village wants to showcase these artists and the creative work that makes our culture unique. In featuring art monthly, independent artists are given the space to promote themselves and their work while simultaneously contributing to a connected community of artists that comprise our creative culture. All are welcome. We all have something to offer.