About the VLLG Jam


The VLLG jam is bi-weekly free expression music event based out of Philadelphia that deals with the theme of inclusion and extinguishing exclusion. Coining the phrase "the only concert where the audience is the headliner"the event really speaks for itself allowing anyone who is able to come out with their instrument of choice, vocals, spoken words, singing, raps and or dance moves, etc. These are just a few of the many creative disciplines that this Thursday night caters to leaving attendees blown away by the sense of connection and collaboration experienced throughout the night. Many would call it music/art therapy being a place where people express what is on their mind and not be judged by this huge crowd of 100 plus people per night. The VLLG Jam Has been going on since December 2016 in Philadelphia and has traveled to many other cities across the globe like D.C., Brooklyn, Houston, Austin, London and still reaching. the Goal is to let every get this healing through connection and collaboration.


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Rule 1: WE are the Performance

You did not come to watch a performance we are the performance. Everyone gets to participate!

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Rule 2: Everything comes from the heart

Absolutely no covers. Everything is all original content. 

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Rule 3: Hot 16

Keep in mind your time! We want everyone to get a chance to participate so try to keep your piece to a 60 second time period.

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Rule 4: Respect

Musicians should respect vocalists and vocalists should respect musicians. We all are here to collaborate with each in harmony.

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Rule 5: Rock the Mic Right!

Lets make sure you hold the Microphone correctly, we want your voice to be heard!

VLLG Jam events


Total JAms: 44


Highlight JAms

Oct. 22 Village Jam: Episode 21 London, UK

JAN 11 VLLG Jam : Episode 25 Philadelphia, PA : Guest - Londrelle

March 1 VLLG Jam: DMV Episode 1  D.C /Maryland/Virginia

March 12 VLLG Jam : SXSW Amplify Philly, Austin, Tx




SEASON 2 (2018)

June 21 VLLG Jam : Episode 34  Philadelphia, Pa

June 7 VLLG Jam : Episode 33  Philadelphia, Pa

May 24 VLLG Jam : Episode 32  Philadelphia, Pa

May 10 VLLG Jam : Episode 31  Philadelphia, Pa

April 26 VLLG Jam : Episode 2 D.C / Maryland/ VA

April 19 VLLG Jam : Episode 30 Philadelphia, Pa

April 5 VLLG Jam : Episode 29 Philadelphia, Pa

March 22 VLLG Jam : Episode 28 Philadelphia, Pa 

March 12 VLLG Jam : SXSW Amplify Philly, Austin, Tx

March 9 VLLG Jam : H.E.A.L. Austin , Austin, Tx

March 1 VLLG Jam: DMV Episode 1  D.C /Maryland/Virginia 

Feb. 22 VLLG Jam : Episode 27 Philadlephia, Pa

Feb. 1 VLLG Jam : Episode 26 Philadelphia, Pa

JAN 11 VLLG Jam : Episode 25 Philadelphia, PA : Guest - Londrelle

Season 1 (2017)

Dec. 14 Village Jam 2017 Finale : Episode 24 Philadelphia, PA

Nov. 16 Village Jam : Episode 23 Philadelphia, PA

Nov. 2 Village Jam: Episode 22 Philadelphia, PA

Oct. 22 Village Jam: Episode 21 London, UK

Oct. 12 Village Jam : Episode 20 Philadelphia, PA

Sept. 19 Village Jam: Episode 19 Philadelphia, PA

Sept 7 VILLAGE JAM FEST : Philadelphia, PA

AUG 31 Village Jam : Episode 18 Philadelphia, PA

AUG 24   Village Jam : Episode 17 Philadelphia, PA

AUG 17   Village Jam : Episode 16 Philadelphia, PA

AUG 10   Village Jam : Episode 15 Philadelphia, PA

 AUG 3   Village Jam : Episode 14 Philadelphia, PA

JULY 8    Village Jam : Episode 13 Philadelphia, PA

 JUNE 22  Village Jam : Episode 12 Philadelphia, PA

 JUNE 8   Village Jam : Episode 11 Philadelphia, PA

MAY 25    Village Jam : Episode 10 Philadelphia, PA

 MAY 11    Village Jam : Episode 9 Philadelphia, PA

APR 27    Village Jam : Episode 8 Philadelphia, PA

APR 6     Village Jam : Episode 7 Philadelphia, PA

   MAR 25    Village Jam : Episode 6 Philadelphia, PA

MARCH 7   Village Jam : Episode 5 Philadelphia, PA

FEB 28   Village Jam : Episode 4 Philadelphia, PA

FEB 14   Village Jam : Episode 3 Philadelphia, PA

JAN 31   Village Jam : Episode 2 Philadelphia, PA

JAN 17   Village Jam : Episode 1 Philadelphia, PA