Manifest is an interactive entertainment and wellness festival aimed at celebrating the creative spirit in all people and the social connection we all share through music, art, and well-being.

The story is:

ManiFEST is a brave space for us to manifest the world we want to live through collective energy.

By embodying the 8 dimensions of Wellness (social, environmental, physical, emotional, spiritual, occupational, intellectual, and financial.)

Through The VLLG Jam, Interactive Activations, Inclusive Discussions, The Oasis, Wellness Activities, Community Networking, Info Booths, and Vendors


It all started when…

As GLBL VLLG Pilots the first ever MANIFEST summer 2019 the goal is to celebrate the community built around our overall collective values as well expose as many new individuals to the community the idea of the 8 dimensions of wellness. Highlighting themes of inclusion and authenticity makes GLBL VLLG A community which is a must to be part of also harboring a familial environment acting as a support system for community success.